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Say Hello to Ms. Jerkins

Here at PeakStudentMedia we’ve covered a plethora of topics throughout the year, but one subject remains constant, new teachers. Ending off our year with our final new teacher segment we’ll be covering Ms. Jerkins.  Similar to our other new teachers, Ms. Jerkins was also born and raised in North Carolina and she grew up mostly in the Charlotte area. She

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Greetings to Ms. Gonzalez

Starting off the 2021 and 2022 school year Apex has had drastic changes accommodating for Covid, staffing, and policies. Most students are very attentive to new policy changes and rules regarding Covid, but with an abundance of new teachers, they’re easy to overlook. In order to learn more about new teachers here at Apex we’ve covered a series of teachers

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Meet Mr. Dalby

Starting off the 2021 school year strong students of Apex High make their return for in person school. This brought about a much needed change of pace and scenery after a year and a half of quarantine. Along with our return we have been greeted by new teachers and staff members. One new addition to the Apex High staff lineup

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Welcome Ms. Willer!

By: Shivani Handa Since the pandemic began, a few new teachers have started at Apex High School.  One of them is Social Studies teacher, Ms. Willer, who moved here earlier this year from Portland, Oregon. She joined the Apex High School community in the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year, taking over Mr. Cooper’s world history classes after his

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