Apex Football Homecoming Recap

By: Matthew Shelby, Calvin Sonntag

September 24th on Friday night Apex High Football lost a tough game against Cary High. Our Cougars were off to a strong start being up 22-0 in the first quarter but they couldn’t hold the lead. When asked wide receiver Trey Barbee, he said they “fell apart” and the comeback was just too late to get back on top. Ultimately they did play a hard game but Apex fell short to Cary, 53-42. 

However our Cougars “skinned some gators”, according to Coach Morton, at our homecoming game. Apex had more than a two touchdown spread against Green Level, with a final score of 42-27. The day before the game, we asked Trey Barbee his goals for Friday night, his main goal was to help his team to a win and which he did with his second goal (that he met) being two touchdowns. Same goes for Ian Bright with his strong strive to win. Even when asking Coach Morton he said “lets win this dang game”, this team shows a lot of selflessness with all the players working hard to help each other succeed. Apex High had an amazing homecoming night and this energy will carry on in our team and our crowd, and which we will proceed to keep our peaks up to in the rivalry game against Apex Friendship on Friday October 8.

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