Giving Back

As the holiday season begins to invade our radio stations and minds, everyone begins to think about gifts. Giving the perfect gift to that special someone can cause a lot of stress and money. But this holiday season, consider giving a gift to those who need it the most. This gift guide isn’t filled with Amazon links but opportunities to give the gift of love to our community.


  • Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina


The most well known on this gift guide is North Carolina’s food bank. Last year they served nearly 58 million meals, and with your help that can serve many during this holiday season. You can donate food, money, or time to your local donation center. Your gift will go on to make many smile and will prevent them from going hungry this season.


  • Western Wake Crisis Ministry


The Western Wake Crisis Ministry helps out those in need in our very own community. Their goal is to help create a bright, healthy, stable, and hunger-free community. Some of their most-needed items include canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, soup, and household products. Visit their website for more information or sign up for volunteer work.


  • Guardian Angel Thrift Store


If you still need to get a gift for your loved ones, think about visiting a thrift store. Guardian Angel is a non-profit organization where the proceeds go towards Alzheimer’s research. You can find real treasures in this store all while donating to a great cause. You can also donate gently used clothes, books, dishes, and more. Visit their website to find out which of their four locations is closest to you!


  • One Warm Coat


As colder weather overtakes the last swings of heat, we reach for coats we haven’t seen in many months. If you find that your coat doesn’t fit you like it used to or you find a coat that you can’t remember the last time you wore, think about donating it. Your old coats that you will never wear again can be worn by someone who needs it. Vist One Warm Coat to find a donation station near you.


  • Calvin’s Paws


Last but not least, don’t forget about our furry friends! If your parents insist you can’t adopt every cat or dog you see, consider donating supplies to organizations that fosters pets. Items like toys and treats are nice, but you can also donate cat litter and magic clean erasers. Put your paws up and donate!

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