National One-Hit Wonder Day

There have been songs in the past that were super popular when they first came out, but since then, not many have heard of the ones who produced the song. Sept. 25 is national one-hit wonder day, a day dedicated to celebrating the songs that had once topped the music charts from not-well-known artists. Whether it was the catchy beat or the entrancing lyrics, these songs from one-hit wonders could be heard through speakers almost anywhere at the time they released. Some popular one-hit wonders include:

  • “Macarena” by Los Del Rio (1996)
  • “Who Let The Dogs Out?” by Baha Men (2000)
  • “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice (1990)
  • “Take On Me” by A-ha (1985)
  • “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor (1982)
  • “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)” – Yvlis (2013)
  • “We Speak No Americano” – Yolanda be cool X DCUP (2012)

Though some songs people want forget about, there are plenty of one-hit wonder songs from the past that people loves. Talking with three students from the Apex High student body, I asked what their favorite one-hit wonder song was and their thoughts on what makes, either their favorite one-hit wonder or any one-hit wonder song, a one-hit wonder.

“My favorite one-hit wonder [song] is the ‘Macarena’ [Los Del Rio]” said sophomore Kendall Brockman. “I think a one hit wonder is a group who isn’t the most popular but they do exist, and they might be a little known but they make that one song that everyone wants to listen to, and it could be that summer song or just a really good song. [The artist] have that moment, but sometimes they will get caught up in it, and then the pressure to make another song like that just makes it so it’s really hard to do it again”.

“Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’,” stated freshman Sebastian Pennisi, “[‘Let Her Go’] had a nice rhythm and was pretty chill. In general, it was a really cool song, but there are other one-hit wonder songs that are more upbeat.”

“‘Stacy’s Mom’ [Fountains of Wayne],” said senior Ryan Grotheer, “I’ve never heard of the band and everyone knows the song.” By definition from the Cambridge Dictionary, a one-hit wonder is “a performer of popular music who makes one successful recording but then no others.”

Take pride in your music taste and celebrate national one-hit wonder day with your favorite one-hit wonder song.

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