The Apex High Cougars are Leveling Up!

The big day is quickly approaching; the day the people of Apex High level up from Green Level to the new Apex High School! After being under construction for roughly two years, the brand new building will finally be ready to open Aug. 2019. With Green Level being kind enough to let us borrow their school, it is coming close to packing up our bags and going back home.

For those who are unaware, the new Apex High School’s construction is expected to be finished around the time of June, allowing the Apex students to return to the old campus when school starts in August. The school is described as a four-story “doughnut” with a courtyard and a four-story parking deck. The reason behind the four-story building and parking deck is the amount of land the Apex campus possesses is significantly smaller than other high schools. With a four story building there is no longer a need for the pods that were located at the old Apex. Without the pods, the new Apex can reintroduce the tennis courts that were taken away because of these pods. Coming along with the new building will be an increase in technology due to the plasma monitors expected to be put in the classrooms and hallways

The junior class of 2020 is a very special class. Not only will they be the first graduating class from the new Apex, they are the only class to start at the old Apex, make the transition to Green Level, and return to the new Apex throughout their high school experience.

“I am very excited to go to the new Apex because it feels too crowded here. At the new Apex we get the courtyard back, which will give us more space. Also we get fifteen extra minutes of sleep,” says junior Anya Pennisi.

Many students from the junior class appear to be looking forward to the move to the new building. While some of the seniors are slightly upset about missing out on the new school, most could not care less since they will have already graduated.

In the end, students, teachers, and even parents can benefit from the the new Apex. With an increase in technology, more efficient space use, and a more familiar location, students of all classes can expect a better learning experience. For the students at Apex High, the return back home is one of the many excitements of the school year.  Although we are PEAKed at Apex High, we will continue to level up to become a bigger and better school!

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