High school students all around the country are battling what seems like a never-ending war. Mental health is a rising issue in schools and not many people seem to recognize it. Studies have shown that one in every five students is currently fighting a mental disorder. This means that six individuals, in a class of thirty, are silently drowning in their head.

Mental disorders have become increasingly more common throughout the years. With everything that the world is going through, life can be difficult to manage alone. There is an unspoken rule that says if a person “complains” about being sad or anxious, they are simply looking for attention. With high schoolers convinced that they are not supposed to talk about their feelings, everyone with a problem is being forced to hold everything inside. Not only is this unhealthy, but studies show that anyone with mental trouble needs to talk to someone for their own well-being.

The World Health Organization found that “Between 30 and 80 percent of people with mental health concerns never receive treatment.”

People around the globe are suffering simply because they feel that asking for help makes them seem weak or inferior, and most importantly, a good amount of those people are students. Without treatment, mental illnesses can worsen and lead to a painful life full of trouble dealing with everyday activities.

John Hopkins Medicine states that “suicide is also one of the leading causes of death in adolescents and adults ages 15 to 24.”

A disintegrating mental health can have serious effects on people. It can lead to loss of interest in activities, too much or too little sleep, restlessness, limited social skills, unpredictable thoughts, mood changes, etc. However, when worse leads to worse, it can eventually cause someone to want to take their own life.

Young people in high schools everywhere, even Apex High School, are sending out a silent cry for help. Society has engraved into their heads that it is a weak, attention-seeking act to say that they are not okay or to ask for help. Students are drowning.

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