The Everlasting Notebook

Infinitely reusable paper, access from anywhere you have internet. Need I say more? The amazing “Everlast” does just this! “Everlast” is brought to you by the company, Rocketbook, a company created after a man forgot to pack his notebook to an important meeting, met a product developer at a local pub, and began a quest to design a notebook that can be accessed via a cloud. Check out their full story here!

The first notebook produced by this company was called “Wave” and had one of the strangest properties of a notebook. The user was able to wipe the pages to be used again… by microwaving it. But that was not something I was willing to try, so instead, I purchased the “Everlast” notebook. A notebook containing thirty-two pages of “paper.” This paper feels like what I would imagine a paper form of a white board would be, and it acts just like a whiteboard because the user is able to, after fifteen seconds, wipe off what they had written with a wet paper towel, allowing them to reuse the sheets over and over again. But there is more to Everlast. The developers over at Rocketbook wanted a notebook that could be accessed from anywhere, and so they implemented a genius cloud feature, where, with the simple filling in of a shape and a photograph of the page, the Rocketbook app will immediately optimize and upload the picture to

a cloud storage service of your choosing. Compatible services include: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, Slack, BOX, Google Photos, and the Evernote cloud.

The way users are able to upload to the cloud is by filling in a small symbol at the bottom othe page (symbols shown on the right in the app). Once filled in, open the app, tap the camera icon, position the page in full view of the camera (this will cause the page to light up a bright green), and then your notes, doodles, sketches, or whatever you have done, will be uploaded to a specific location on your storage service. For instance, the diamond on my app is coded for biology notes, the arrow for math, and the apple for English. This ability to send notes to the cloud, paired with reusable notebook paper, make it so that you will never need to buy a regular notebook ever again! 

The only complaint I have for this notebook is that there is a specific writing utensil that has to be used or else it will not work, and it will not be reusable. However, the pen in question, Frixion,  is of a very good quality and feels very smooth to the paper, and it also has a small eraser at the top that is able to correct small mistakes. Personally, I do not like writing with pen and smudging occurs very often, but perhaps I am just not good with pens.

Even though your paper is reusable, I recommend carrying around a binder with a few sheets of loose-leaf paper and a pencil, just in case your teacher requires you to do something on it. I found the “Everlast” in a local office supply store for $25, along with a pack of five Frixion pens for $10. Apart from the one or two downsides, this notebook is perfect. Having access to notes from wherever there is wifi, as well as paper that is infinitely reusable, really gives me a certain type of flexibility that a binder or regular, paper notebook would not, and I am always prepared for class.

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