Dear Evan Hansen Review

Have you heard of the newest Broadway play Dear Evan Hansen? The Washington Post says it’s “One of the most remarkable shows in musical theater history”. Dear Evan Hansen will have you crying one second and laughing the next. It will definitely having you wanting to sing every song along with the cast on stage.


Dear Evan Hansen is about a 17 year old boy that has social anxiety. High school is stressful enough but, with this added on to it, it makes it even worse for Evan’s journey throughout high school. Evan has gotten to the point where he will not even order pizza, due to the fact he will have to talk to the delivery guy. Social media plays a huge roll in our lives today, and this play shows that. Evan’s world turns upside down when an event happens that shocks the community and causes Evan to step up to the plate and be strong for other people. Evan starts out his day with writing a letter to himself about how today will be better. On the first day of school, he starts his letter after school in the library confessing his love for this girl in his grade named Zoe and also talking about how he does not feel like a part of anything or that he belongs anywhere and prints it off. Not knowing that Connor, played by Mike Faist, was in the library right by the printer, Connor picks up the letter and runs off with it. A few days have passed and, Evan has looked everywhere for Connor. The next thing Evan knows is that he is in the principal’s office with Connor’s heartbroken parents, with them telling him about the death of their son. Evan knew that Connor did not have many friends, so the first thing that came to Evan’s mind was to tell Connor’s parents, played by Jennifer Laura Thompson and Michael Park, lies about all the memories Evan and Connor had of being friends. It made Connor’s parents full again knowing that someone cared about their son and, that he had friends. The show, shows how Evan became so close with Connor’s family, including Connor’s sister Zoe, and how Evan made an impact by starting a project called the Connor Project to remember Connor’s name.


Evan Hansen was first played by Ben Platt; many of you might know him as the Benji Applebaum in the movie Pitch Perfect. He then went on to performing in Dear Evan Hansen in Washington, DC where it was released to the public. The play started to grow more and more, and that is when it made its way to Off- Broadway in 2015. With critics calling the show historic, it made its first debut in December 2016 at the Music Box Theater. Ben Platt played his final performance on November 19, 2017. The role was then taken over by Noah Galvin, who had big shoes to fill, but definitely filled them. You might know Noah as Kenny O’Neal in the show on ABC The real O’Neals.


Dear Evan Hansen was recently nominated for nine Tony Awards, winning six of them including Best Musical. Also including a major win for Ben Platt, awarded best actor in a musical. It was no surprise to receive Best score, which is the Tony Award given to the composers and lyricist of the best original score written for a musical in that year. Not to mention winning two Drama League Awards, while being nominated for three.


As many critics have said this is a must see show for everyone, and I very much agree with them. It gives you a different perspective on the look of social media and how others get treated over social media. It brings different types of people together whom you would never expect to be friends.

Right now the show is only being played at the Music Box theater in New York, but it has been announced that Over 50 cities will get a taste of 2017’s Tony-winning Best Musical in the coming years. The upcoming national tour of Dear Evan Hansen will play Chicago, Los Angeles, Buffalo, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina, and more. So if you can not travel all the way to New York, you might still get a chance to see it.

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