French Presidential Race

On April 23, the French Election was held. With no clear winner, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen had a runoff. Macron is a member of the En Marche party and the former minister of Economy, Finances, and Industry of France. Le Pen is a member of the National Front party, a right-wing populist party. The party has plans to change their name after Le Pen’s defeat. France has only had nine presidents since 1947.

On May 7, the French people voted on their next president. Since 1950, the Socialist party has run France, but it has come to a stop. The French people have rejected the two large political parties in France and were at a split for their next President. Macron is in favor of a better, larger Europe. However, Le Pen is in favor of a few Nations of Europe creating a new EU, replacing the old one. Prior to the election, it was believed that Le Pen had a chance. She had lost on April 23rd; however, she would have needed to have a large turnout on the 7th. The day came, and Macron had a large support. Macron won roughly 66% of the vote while Le Pen only won 33% of the votes. Looking at real numbers, Macron won 20,753,797 votes while Le Pen won only 10,644,118 votes. What does this mean for the world? This most likely means that France will stay with the EU. Last year, we saw the UK and Brexit. While some argue Brexit was good and others argue it is bad, France has no plans to do so after this election. If Le Pen had won, we could have seen France possibly splitting and potentially joining the UK to create their own EU of sorts.

It will be interesting to watch to see what Macron does in his next few weeks as France’s new president.

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