Don’t believe the “bikini body” hype

“Summer” is a word that should fill every adolescent with nothing but joy and happiness; however, it has recently started filling a large population of adolescents with anxiety and gloom. Hundreds of thousands of young girls dread the warmer months, but why? What could possibly be preventing these girls from enjoying their few months of liberation from school? Well, the answer to that question is a simple concept: the bikini body.

In today’s society, girls are often made to believe that if they do not have the ideal body shape, they will not look as good in a swimsuit as someone who does have the ideal body shape. These anti-body positive ideas have been spread on social media for years. Online, many girls’ body types are marked with a stigma that says they will not look good in that bikini that their favorite blogger wears because their waist is bigger or their thigh gap is smaller. This ultimately results in many girls not wanting to go to the beach or the pool for fear of people judging the way they look in a swimsuit because they do not have the “bikini body.”

Well, here is a little news for you: the perfect bikini body does not exist. No one cares if you have love handles or if you do not have a thigh gap. The idea of having a body that is perfect for a swimsuit is just a social construction established by the media. The world will not end if you put on a bikini even though you have stretch marks on your belly or if your shoulders are broader than those of the model you follow on Instagram.

Everything about your body is natural. Much of body shape is determined by genetics and bone structure; it is literally impossible for some people to have a thigh gap simply because they were born with narrow hips. Additionally, things like stretch marks and cellulite are not bad and do not mean that you cannot wear a swimsuit; they just mean that you are a human with skin. Because much of these factors that are so hyped up in society are beyond your control, it is best not to spend too much time worrying about it. Take that time that you would typically spend worrying about it and spend it having a great time at the pool with your friends. So many girls spend hours in the months before summer working out and eating healthy to achieve a bikini body when in actuality, there are two easy steps to achieving an actual bikini body: put a bikini on your body and feel happy in it.

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