Roadside Preschool

While on the road going by Apex High School, you may notice a small preschool across the street from the High School. Right next to the preschool is Laura Duncan Road, a very busy town street. Just down that road is the busier US Highway 64; all cars on these roads give off emissions. Chemicals such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, NOx, and carbon dioxide all play a role in lowering air quality and increasing air pollution. All these cars and gases in the air are not good for the environment or for the preschool. Those chemicals linger in the air and could potentially be ruining those young children’s lungs. Studies have shown that young children in an area of low air quality tend to run into more respiratory problems than those with better air. This is a huge problem for our future generations and is a great injustice to the young children of America. UNICEF came out with a statement in October 2016 declaring that air pollution kills 600,000 yearly. In this they’ve also shed some more light on all that is at stake for children growing up in highly polluted air areas. Executive Director Anthony Lake was quoted saying, “Pollutants don’t only harm children’s developing lungs, they can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and permanently damage their developing brains, and thus, their futures. No society can afford to ignore air pollution.” This should be more than enough to urge the people and government to cut back on the amount of air pollutants released in our environment. The second option could be moving our schools and children away from this highly polluted air, but we should keep this world safe for all its inhabitants.

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