The importance of Apex High’s drama department

In a culture where movies, plays, and TV shows are so prevalent, all actors must start somewhere; for many talented young men and women, that “somewhere” is Apex High School. For years, Apex High School’s drama department has thrived, producing countless generations of future actors and musicians and keeping the student population entertained while doing so. However, the drama department does so much more than further peoples’ careers and entertain students; it leaves a lifelong impact on everyone that is part of it.

Prior to entering high school, most people have a difficult time establishing who they are as a person. However, upon exploring Apex High School’s drama programs, many students develop a sense of self, like sophomore Dane Swanser. “It’s one of the only programs on Earth that doesn’t limit the amount of freedom you have to grow and express your true self,” Swanser says of the drama department. The opportunities that programs like theatre present to students can be crucial to their establishment in Apex’s community.

Speaking of Apex’s community, the plays and musicals that Apex High School puts on are another key part of student life. Ms. Laura Levine, the head of Apex High School’s drama department (who you can read about here), puts her all into making sure that Apex High School lives up to its critically-acclaimed reputation in terms of its drama department. The Apex Peak Players constantly take the community by storm, last year with the production of The Addams Family Musical and this year with the production of 9 to 5: The Musical.

Everyone at Apex can benefit from the drama department in some way, shape, or form. Perhaps you are like Swanser and use the theatre to establish a sense of self, or maybe you are like senior Evie Gilliam, who sees every production the Peak Players put on out of pure love for the work that the actors and directors do. There is even a chance you are like senior Maddie Register, who uses drama to overcome anxiety. “(Theatre) helped me get over stage fright and social anxiety because when I was on stage, I could be someone completely different,” Register says. Whether you are a spectator or an entertainer, the drama department at Apex High School is bound to impact you during your time in high school.

The work that Ms. Levine and her students put into Apex High’s drama programs does not go unnoticed. The plays and musicals are consistently breathtaking and endlessly entertaining, and the students who help bring it all to life are left feeling better about themselves afterwards. Make sure to support Levine and her students by watching their productions, such as their production of Hamlet on May 17-20. Tickets are available at

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