Facebook Killer Steve Stephens

On April 16, Steve Stephens shot and killed seventy-four year old man Robert Goodwin Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio. Stephens shot Goodwin in the face. At the time, Stephens livestreamed the killing on Facebook and proceeded to get back in his car and drive away. Because of this, a fifty thousand dollar bounty was established for Stephens

Stephens was forty-seven years old and kept some of his life documented on YouTube. He made videos about fishing and his life. In a video on his YouTube, he was spending time with his five year old nephew. None of his videos showed any signs of issues, but in the video, he stated, “You better not drop it, because if you drop it you’re going to be right there with it.”

Stephens was driving through a McDonalds drive-thru when employees recognized him and called police. The tab ran to $5.35 for twenty McNuggets and fries. Thomas DuCharme Jr., the owner of the McDonalds, and another associate attempted to stall Stephens by telling him his fries would take a few moments. However, Stephens sped off with his McNuggets. Police caught up to him and had a short chase. An officer hit Stephen’s back bumper, causing the car to do a 180. As police started to climb out of their cruisers, they heard a distinct shot. Stephens had shot himself.

Stephens next had plans to come to North Carolina. Luckily, he is gone, and his family and the Goodwin family will be able to have some closure.

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