Climate Change has health consequences

The effects of climate change range far and wide, and more than just the artic. Climate change can be seen everywhere, (some places more than others.) Sadly, none are showing the betterment of Earth. Effects of climate change hold a decrease in public health, with extreme weather phenomenon occurring more often. This means increased risk of the spread of infectious disease and even food shortages. Although scientists have may have linked it with another health issue, type two diabetes. In the years 1996 and 2009, as the temperatures increased in the U.S. so did the cases of type two diabetes. According to the study done by BMJ Open Diabetes & Care, Lisanne Blauw said “We were surprised though by the magnitude of the effect size,” she is one of the researchers at Leiden University Medical Center located in The Netherlands. Their data shows that a one degree celsius rise in the global temperature could create roughly 100,000 new diabetes cases per year just in the United States.  This is not to be confused with causation however since the study only showed the association between climate change and type two diabetes.

Although it may seem like a drastic relation, it is not too difficult to draw a line between these two issues. Climate change can play a big role in affecting the Earth’s crops. If the climate is not what it used to be in an area, it can make that area’s crop yield not nearly as high. Therefore there is less healthy food, which is when artificial food high in sugars and fats are more easily accessible, and in a higher quantity. These changes of temperature could really affect the way we stay nourished and remain healthy.

Action should be taken immediately in hopes of stopping the effects of climate change, or even minimize the already devastating effects of this dilemma. In a recent survey taken on the Apex Legacy page on Twitter, out of 121 votes, eighty-seven percent of voters voted in favor of the argument that climate change is affected by humans. Clearly, Apex High School students are concerned about this escalating issue. If we do not take the necessary steps into fixing this issue, grave consequences face us and the next generation.

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