Beauty and the Beast was great to say the least!

The re-told live-action story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was a beauty of its own! The beautiful tale took audiences back to a time of innocence, reminding us of the beauty that is found within. There was much anticipation leading up to the movie’s release, but critics have been quite harsh with its debut. However, I absolutely loved it.

The original 1991 film was my favorite Disney princess movie growing up, so I was basically in love with the live-action remake before it even came out. Anyone familiar with the original will be happy with the remake’s delivery. What was truly amazing to me was how director Bill Condon and writers Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos managed to keep things fresh. Moviegoers were not handed a carbon copy. Instead, viewers witnessed the classic scenes along with original screenplay.

How Disney brought this animation to life was truly remarkable. From the top-notch CGI to the perfectly selected cast, the film was executed in a very effective manner. The castle was depicted heavily in dark and enchanting elements, and the costume design was able to capture the essence of the time period. Also, we cannot forget the iconic songs that make the story what it is today.  “Be Our Guest”, “Gaston”, and “Beauty and the Beast” were among the obvious highlights in my book. It was very hard for me not to sing and dance along. During the performance of “Gaston,” Josh Gad and Luke Evans made you want to turn into a village hooligan for the night. The iconic “Be Our Guest” piece was so spectacular that you did not want to blink in fear of missing the slightest detail. Finally, “Beauty and the Beast” was all I hoped it to be. This scene was the true heart and spirit of the film, and the song had a lot to do with that. The yellow dress was elegant in the way it moved, and the entire scene was very heartfelt.

The points of connection between Belle and the Beast were essential in displaying their love story. In this version, audiences were introduced to new ways in which the two characters fall in love. The two bookworms were still helped by an assortment of household items, but Belle and the Beast were both given similar backstories this time around. We learn more about how the Beast gained some of his hostility, and Belle receives answers as to what happened to her mother. It was this sense of loss and their ability to view themselves as outsiders that really fed into how they fell in love.

Finally, we must talk about the beautiful Emma Watson and her depiction of Belle. First off, I could not think of a better person to resemble all that is Belle. Watson portrayed her as the brainy, brave, and independent-minded bookworm we know her to be while also adding her own modern twist. Not only did Watson look the part, but she was perfect in the way she captured the essence of a strong and willful character.

Beauty and the Beast has always had a special place in my heart, and the live-action version brought so many of these happy feelings back. There is something so unique behind how the music and the idea of loving someone beyond their looks was able to bring the story together. This remake appeals to all audiences, and I highly suggest you go and see it! Thumbs up all around!

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