Why you should check out the new Logan Movie

Logan was an incredibly moving comic book movie about the famous X-Men hero Wolverine. Hugh Jackman announced before the film that this would be his final installment in his seventeen year tenure as Logan. Hugh Jackman appeared in nine films as the infamous hero Logan or ‘Wolverine’ and Logan graded out to be his best performance yet. Rotten tomatoes gave the film a whopping 92 percent. Some people have even stated it is the best comic book movie of all time.

Logan features an old and damaged Wolverine, living on the US-Mexico border in an abandoned smelting factory with Professor X, Charles Xavier, and the mutant Caliban. In the film Logan spends his days drinking away his pain and chauffeuring people around. Charles has a degenerative brain disease in the film, and Logan has to find a way to earn money so he can pay for his medication. Charles’s brain disease in the film causes him to have seizures that make his telepathic brain go haywire, and everyone in the general vicinity experiences temporary paralysis. The relationship between Logan and Charles is a pivotal part of what really brings this movie to light and gives the audience a personal connection to these characters. The movie also introduces a new variation of Wolverine, a little girl named Laura Kinney or classified as “X-23”. She was created in a lab when her DNA was mixed with Logan’s to give her an Adamantium skeleton with two claws coming out of each hand. She comes to Wolverine and Professor X for help to escape the danger of the villains of the movie, the Reavers. The Reavers are a group of cybernetic humans that are hunting down X-23 as she had escaped from them. The Reavers are led by Donald Pierce and Dr. Zander Rice and are hell bent on finding Laura before she becomes out of their reach.

​This movie sets itself apart from every other comic book or superhero movie in every way; there aren’t any magnificent CGI effects in this movie, and the villains aren’t some lousy characters wearing costumes. This movie was made with practical effects and made the characters simpler. The character development in this movie is a clear example of how characters should be written into scripts. Logan focused more on the humanly side of the story showing the audience the reality of Logan’s life while slowly throwing some of that awesome and violent action sequences in there. Not to forget the intense and moving scenes between Logan and Professor X in the film as they reminisce on all that they have been through together, which is a huge part of what shows the emotional side of this movie. From start to finish Logan is adrenaline rush that will make you want to see Wolverine whip out those claws one more time. Hugh Jackman really put his all into this film, and it showed in his last outing as the Wolverine.

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