Need a nice place to study?

Are you looking for a way to make studying more bearable? Go to Common Grounds Coffee House in Downtown Apex!

As you walk inside, you’re immediately greeted with the comforting smell of fresh coffee and sweet pastries. Besides their superb menu items (which include not only coffee, but tea, smoothies, shakes, cakes, and an array of other sweet treats), the atmosphere is what makes Common Grounds one of the best hangouts in Downtown Apex.

Low-level lighting is accomplished with year-round Christmas lights and full-length windows at the front of the coffee house. Alternative music dotted with the classics of the last few decades play constantly–invoking a wistful nostalgic feeling. There is plenty of table space as well as the highly-coveted red velvet couch near the windows. On the rare occasion you can’t find normal seating, there is a bar section that connects directly to the counter–perfect for writing essays on.

It’s right in front of the ice cream selections, though, so prepare to be tempted.

If you’re put off by unfriendly baristas that frequent mainstream coffee places, then don’t worry. I’ve been going to Common Grounds for years, and I’ve never come across an unhappy barista.

Noise-wise, the room is between a library and a science class on lab day. Studying is easy, and you won’t be bothering other patrons if you decide to quiz your friend out loud.

Studying isn’t fun on a good day, but if you have to make a date with your textbook, there is no place better than Common Grounds Coffee House!

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